Peavey classic 50 serial number dating

So I picked up a ragged Classic 50 last night and the fellow couldn't tell The serial number is "X" ; the "X" means I can't read the.
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I'd planned on holding out for a Dr. Z combo, but would have spent about 5 times the amount, and would have had to wait several months or a year until I could have gotten it.

What are the guts like in the Classic 30's? Good stuff, or lots of circuit boards? Thanks for the knowledge, guys! Gee I don't know Dice, but the first ones out had more of a straight top face, looks be be a fairly recent one IMO, the first had more of a fender narrow pannel look.

Peavey Classic 50

I am not the best guy to give out info on them , i never really looked at em. A couple of guys I know have the 50 and one had an older They can sound pretty good. You read my mind! Hey Diceman, I don't know about the 30, but I have a Classic 50 2 x 12 combo, and it sounds nice. Tonewise I find it's sort of like a Marshall in a small combo box. I find it impossibly loud if I attempt to run it hard enough to overdrive the clean channel, and I find that channel frankly harsh and unattractive anyway.

The OD channel, on the other hand, is a goodun. Mine is an older one early 90s with the straight narrow panel.

From memory, it's got a lot of PCBs in it. However, I don't need to have it opened up frequently enough for that to be an issue, if you see what I mean.

Classic 30 Question

It's a good amp, and it would be better if I could crank the clean channel. With luck you can do that with your Classic Splat PS - I agree with Overdriver: Peavey Classic 30 has a PDF file linked at the bottom containing pages of mods for the Classic 30, depending on how adventurous you feel. Splattle , Jul 24, It's at least as new as '05, which is when they changed the cosmetics. LPSol93 , Jul 24, I love the Classic I think you'll be happy brother! LoKi , Jul 24, Horse , Jul 24, I think you'll dig it. Shipping shouldn't take more than business days tops.

Peavey Classic 50 Help - Dating and Inputs | Telecaster Guitar Forum

It has to be or later Check the serial number when it arrives. Mine is a and it says "" near the end of the serial number on mine, if I remember correctly. It's a great amp. Owl , Jul 24, My classic 50 has the older style front. Man,you are gonna have fun with that little bugger. I used to have a 30 that I only ran the clean channel wide open with the Xotic AC driving the piss outta of it.

If I remember correctly, I think that tube guard that looks like a waffle plate was invented, produced, and marketed by a MLP member. I love the Classic series from Peavey. RSD was a German company that used to rebadge tubes.

1973 Peavey Classic 50-Watt 410 Tube Hybrid Combo DEMO

Captain Bb , May 7, It looks just as good over here. I have a Classic 30 and she will never leave me. They are great tube amps. Paulbiz , May 7, Does it break up easy? I can get one for cheap. What's the difference between the 30 and 20? I hear the 30 is wired different from the rest. EvilCheese , May 7, I havent tried the 30 so I cant comment on that, but the 20 is real nice for bedroom uses or practice with small bands.

At 15W you can get very warm breakups.

Dating a Peavey C50 by serial number...

Specially when I have the clapton mid boost on my strat, it just works great! I can go from very clean to a creamy overdrive lead tone! I'm just loving it! Does anyone know how to date them?

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When did they actually go out of production? I'm thinking of either picking up a 2x8" Jensen cab or swapping the speaker for a Jensen 10" What do you guys think?

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  • What is the date of manufacture?Peavey Backstage 30 combo amp Serial Number 9A - 366794.

And does anyone have details about modding a footswitch? But at least I got to crank my Classic 30 tonight at practice. Indeed, what a fun time it is to have that thing roaring hot! Anyway, congrats on nabbing a real winner The amp tramp , May 8, Teddy Watkins , May 8, After lots of research I find that some people actually killed the amp by doing this mod. I borrowed my friend's Keeley TS-9 and wow that works wonders! A tubescreamer solved my footswitch problem! You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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