College boy dating a girl in high school

and you thought those guys were losers for dating someone so young? You used to think why couldn't they get a girl their own age lol. Now that.
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If the baby wants it then rock the cradle man. M3F2U , Mar 2, Mar 2, 9.

Remember in high school those girls dating guys that were in college or around that age

SteelersFreak1 , Mar 2, Mar 2, But we get older and teenage girls stay the same age. I'm not a parent, but I think it totally depends on the boy. To me, it sounds like this kid is on the up and up. If he's made a point to get to know you, it means he obviously respects you. If he respects you and your family, he'll respect your daughter, which is the best thing you can ask for as a parent.

I'd keep curfews in place and I wouldn't let her stay in the dorm with him or go to parties with him at the college if you can prevent it.

But if this will be her first relationship, being in one with a respectful guy would be more important to me than the age difference. Dec 31, Messages: I don't know your child so I am only going by my experience. I did way more than I should have because I was dating a college guy. I was always at his dorm and although I never drank, I was exposed to things I should not have been at that age. And sexually, it is a whole different world between the ages. Dec 3, Messages: It also depends on the laws of your state. Would he be committing a felony if their relationship got physical?

Apr 28, Messages: I was 16 and dating a college freshman. I would go to his dorm, and stay there occasionally. Telling my mom I was somewhere else. Your kids are going to do naughty things no matter what though. If you like, and trust this kid, I would go with that. I ended up marrying the guy, and we are happy as clams. I am glad my parents didn't try to keep us apart. Aug 20, Messages: The chances that they will even stay together once he starts college are pretty slim.

Do you think dating a high school girl is wrong?

Two different worlds, which I'm sure he can't wait to sample. GoodFairies , Mar 25, Nov 2, Messages: I'm 15 and I have a friend that is dating a Senior. I don't think there is really a problem with it but I just don't understand if the guy is just going to college next year then what is the point? I mean if it's not just a fun kind of fling type thing then i don't think you should worry Aug 13, Messages: Actually he won't be in a dorm, he will be living at home and going to a Christian College 30 minutes from us during the day.

So I am not sure about the partying thingnever been at a Christian college, so I don't know if they "party" like they do at state colleges which is where I went a hundred years ago. I still think they will be going through different experiences and I don't want her growing up to fast. I told them both that in a few years when she graduates high school things could be different, but right now it just doesn't seem like a good idea Oct 11, Messages: When I was a soph. Married almost 20 years. It all depends on the kids involved. I know how I was with my future husband so if my daughter and the boyfriend were like us I would be ok with it.

My DD is only 10 so I don't even want to think about this yet. Seniors have the freshman dating her exclusively. By the sophomores than attending college in high school and then one of high-school dating a freshman girls dating.

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Guy Advice: High School to College Dating!

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Do you believe that the male in the relationship has to be the one to make a move first?

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